About Melissa Rose

My background is in healthcare, and over the years I cared for patients, was a hospital administrator and eventually became a healthcare consultant for a major software company, retiring in 2017.  I have always been interested in alternative and non-invasive methods of healing the body. I first became aware of EFT/Tapping when at a conference and attended the EFT session with Nick Orter, founder of The Tapping Solution. I was blown away by the immediate results of tapping and knew this was a technique I wanted to learn. After my EFT Level 1-2 class I realized I needed to continue to the next level and in 2016 became an EFT Practitioner certified by EFT International, which is the world’s leading professional EFT Association.

I help clients who struggle with their weight; who have physical pain from past events; clients who have been unable to accomplish what they want in their life because of low self-esteem; and those who deal with everyday stress that wreaks havoc on their personal life. It brings me so much joy and satisfaction when I hear them say “Tapping has changed my life”.

I live in beautiful Lake Elmore, Vermont with my Yellow Lab Murphy.  I love being able to walk out my front door to hike in the woods or kayak on the lake in summer, and snowshoe in the winter. I enjoy gardening, digging in the dirt and growing my own veggies!

Melissa & Murphy hiking in the Adirondacks
Melissa & Murphy hiking in the Adirondacks


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