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Feeling Bored and Weak…I Want to Eat!!

When I keep busy I don’t generally think about eating. Usually before I know it, the day has gone by and sometimes it seems I have hardly eaten or taken a bathroom break!  When I’m not busy and there isn’t much to do boredom sets in.  Boredom leads to eating – and usually eating things I wouldn’t normally eat. I go for the easiest food I can find. If I assess the intensity of this feeling it is usually at about a 7 or 8.  This is the  time to tap!  My set-up statement is simply “Even though I am bored and thinking about what I can eat, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”.  Tapping points: “I’m bored”, “I want to eat”, “Nothing to do”, “Want to eat”, “Feeling bored”, “Nothing to do so might as well eat”, “I’m bored and want to eat”, “Every time I’m bored I want to eat”  I usually do a round or two of the tapping point statements or emotions then take in a deep breath, blow it out and see how I feel. Has the intensity gone down? Usually it has.  I then go back to the eyebrow point and say something like,  “Maybe I can just relax”, “My stomach isn’t hungry”, “I could read my book”, “Maybe have some water”, “Just try to relax and be calm”, “I don’t need to eat”, “I can enjoy doing nothing”, “It’s okay for me to have nothing to do”.   I feel much better after the rounds of tapping and the intense feeling that I have initially to eat out of bored is gone. This is really the wonderful part of tapping for weight issues or any emotional feelings surrounding your relationship with food. If you have a thought or feeling that works against you,  simply tap on it!

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