How to do EFT

Here is an overview of how to do EFT. If you would like more information you can get a free EFT Manual at

  1. Choose your most pressing issue. Get specific if you can…the more specific the better. You might say “I feel stressed”, but saying “I am so stressed out at work” is a little more specific. Saying “I am so stressed at work and feel sick to my stomach because I have a project due” gets to the detail of how your stress is affecting you physically.
  2. Ask yourself if there is any part of your body that feels differently when you think of this issue or emotion? Where in your body do you feel this issue? Throat, Stomach, Chest, Head? Oftentimes there is no feeling in your body, so don’t worry if you don’t feel anything.
  3. If you are able to, rate the intensity of this issue or how it makes you feel, from 0-10. After you do a few rounds you can “check in” to see if the intensity is lower.
  4. Craft a “set-up” statement. This brings forward the energy of your most pressing issue that you will be working on. Once you have your set-up statement you can start tapping.  The set-up statement begins with “Even though (state your most pressing issue), I deeply and completely accept myself…or I accept this situation”.
  5. You say the set-up statement three times while tapping on the side of your hand. This is referred to as the Karate Chop (KC) point. The tapping can be done with 1 or 4 fingers. Whatever you are comfortable with. It’s a light, rhythmic tapping against the side of your hand.
  6. Tap through the 8 points (see picture below) in the tapping sequence while saying a reminder phrase, or the emotion or issue. It could be “This anger”, “I’m frustrated”, “I am so stressed”. Tap 5-7 times at each point (you don’t need to count!!). You can tap with finger(s) from both hands or one hand. Whatever works best for you.
    1. Between the eyebrows
    2. Side of the eye
    3. Under the eye (top of the cheekbone)
    4. Under the nose
    5. Chin crease
    6. Collarbone
    7. Under the arm
    8. Top of the head
  7. Once you finish the tapping sequence, take a nice breath in, blow it out and think about your issue. Rate the intensity to check your progress.
  8. Repeat as necessary to get the relief you desire. After the first round I include “Still” in my set-up statement:  “Even though I STILL feel stressed and my stomach is in knots, I completely accept myself”

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