Tapping for Children and Teens

I think about my childhood and growing up with relatively few stresses. I lived in a very small town, in a neighborhood of many other families with children around my age, and we would all play outside until it was time to go home for lunch, dinner or when it got dark. Living was simple then. Children today are faced with so many more stresses – school lockdowns and shootings – and drills to know what to do if something horrific should happen – social media pressure and bullying to name a few. EFT is one way to help young children and teens deal with all the pressures.

I have worked with young teens who were experiencing stress, anger and lack of self-confidence from peer pressure and being bullied. Their initial reaction was to lash out and “get back” at those who were doing the bullying.  In one case, in our first session, the young teen thought tapping was “weird” and “stupid” when I explained and showed her what we would be doing. I laughed and agreed with her…it does look a little strange, but if it’s something that could really help, would she be willing to try it?  She did try it and I kept it very simple so she could repeat after me and follow the sequence. Before we started I asked if she could rate the intensity of how she felt when she thought of what happened. She gave it a 10. I started with the set-up statement: “Even though some kids made fun of my hair today and it made me feel really bad and angry, I accept the way I felt”. Then on the tapping points: “I’m so angry”, “I feel horrible”, “They are so mean to me”, “I hate that they do that”, “I’m angry”, “I’m so hurt and frustrated”, “I just wanted to cry”, “I wanted to get back at them”.  After a few rounds of tapping I asked her how she felt compared to before we started and she gave it a 7, so we did another round of “Even though I still feel really bad and angry because I was bullied, I accept myself” and then the tapping points. I was eventually able to get her down to a 2 by the time we were done with the session.

Tapping is a tool children can use anywhere, at any time, whenever they have feelings that are upsetting or making them angry. If you think EFT could help your children then let me know. I would love to help them in any way I can.

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