Anxiety and Stress

Tapping for Traumatic Memories

Traumatic memories can affect our daily lives and prevent us from accomplishing what we need and want to to.  When most of us hear the word trauma we generally think of a horrific accident or an unexpected loss of a loved one, but trauma is also connected to common occurrences such as a painful breakup of a relationship, divorce or financial difficulties. I worked with a client who was traumatized by failing her driving exam.  She was in her 60’s, required to take a manual driving test in order to renew her license and had failed the test twice. She came to me in a panic just thinking about her third attempt. The reason she failed was because the person testing her (both times) was very intimidating, made her nervous with his various comments and demeanor so she became distracted, upset and made several mistakes. She was a mess!  She was lacking confidence and had nightmares about the same thing happening again. When she described each attempt and how she felt during the test I could tell from her facial expressions and body language how emotional this traumatic event had been. Over the course of three sessions we tapped on all these emotions, the tension in her body and was able to release the fear and panic. Between sessions I asked her to tap in the morning upon waking, before bedtime and anytime during the day when the thoughts of failing the test entered her mind. Our last session was a few days before her test and we tapped on the positive aspect of her confidence and certainty that she would pass the test…and it would be her final driving test.  She did pass and told me that on the way to the DMV she had no negative thoughts and felt very confident that she would pass.

EFT is a very useful tool to release past traumatic memories that get in the way of your every day living or prevent you from accomplishing or doing the things you love to do.  To learn more how EFT can help, contact me for a free consultation.

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