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Tapping to Stop Cravings

Tapping is a wonderful tool to use for cravings. For me, whenever I go to the movies I always have to have popcorn. It’s a ritual and goes without saying that when you go to the movies, you get popcorn. Popcorn with butter. For others it might be the Swedish Fish, but for me, it’s popcorn!  Don’t get me wrong, there are times I do have popcorn but there are also times that I know I need to forgo the popcorn, and that is when I do some tapping before going to the theater. The reason I do it before I go is because I know as soon as I walk into the theater and smell the popcorn I will be triggered to give into the craving.  This is what I tap before I go….My set-up statement is simply “Even though I really want popcorn at the movies, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”.  Then the Tapping points: “Want popcorn”, “Crave popcorn with butter”, “Gotta have it”, “Have to have popcorn at the movies”, “What fun is a movie without popcorn”, “Want popcorn”, “I always get popcorn”. After a couple of rounds, I’m ready to go.  What happens when I get to the theater? I don’t even notice the popcorn….really! I buy my ticket, take my seat and enjoy the movie. It is totally amazing! How cool is that?

What are some of your rituals or habits? Perhaps having dessert after a meal? Always having to eat the rolls when you go out to dinner? A good exercise is to think about and write down some of your rituals, habits or events, and ask yourself if they will trigger you to eat certain foods that could sabotage your weight loss journey.  You can tap on that ritual or event, and the food you will crave, before it happens.

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