The Movie Technique

The Movie Technique, created by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, is a gentle technique I oftentimes use with clients who have experienced an emotionally charged or traumatic event.  I ask the client to identify the memory and give the movie a title. This movie will have a beginning, an end and a plot. Many times the title will reflect their feelings and has intensity for the client. If this is the case we can tap for the title.  When we first begin, I ask the client to close their eyes, run the movie mentally from the beginning and whenever there is any emotional charge we stop.  I ask the client to try to rate the intensity and identify if they feel anything physically in their body, and we tap until the intensity is reduced.  Next we rewind the movie back to the neutral part and continue on. If there is still intensity we tap some more. We continue in this manner to the end of the movie, stopping at each emotionally charged moment and tap for it.  Once we reach the end, we rewind one last time, play the movie in its entirety looking for any signs of intensity along the way. My goal is to have the client be able to replay the whole movie in their mind right through to the end without any emotional charge. Their feelings are neutral about this event.

On a Personal Note:  My EFT Teacher and Mentor used the Movie Technique with me for my extreme fear of snakes. When I was 5 years old the little boy next door chased me and put a garter snake down my back. I have been afraid of snakes my entire life.  Whenever I would go hiking or work in the garden I would constantly think about seeing a snake, and if I did see one, I would panic, scream and run. I couldn’t watch snakes on TV or movies, or even look at them in books. After my Movie Technique session I was shown a video of many snakes in a room and it didn’t bother me in the least. I actually found it quite interesting!  When I hike or am in the woods I don’t think about seeing snakes anymore, and if I do see one I may get startled but I no longer go into panic mode. This makes walking in the woods and working in the garden much more enjoyable!

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