The Science Behind EFT



A study was done, by the Neurological Foundation of Energy Psychology, with a patient who suffered from General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and shows the improvement of the brain wave frequencies after Tapping sessions.

  1. The blue indicates normal brain wave frequencies
  2. This image shows the patient’s brain wave frequencies before Tapping. There is a high ratio of highly dysfunctional and moderately dysfunctional brain wave frequencies
  3.  After 4 Tapping sessions, the brain wave frequencies start showing more Blue or normal brain wave frequencies
  4. After 8 Tapping sessions, the dysfunctional Red highly dysfunctional waves are no longer there and you see a shift to the Turquoise slightly dysfunctional wave frequencies
  5. After 12 Tapping sessions, there are no longer Red or Pink dysfunctional brain waves frequencies indicated. The brain waves are now indicating a more normal wave frequency

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