Tapping for Weight Loss

Tapping is an amazing tool to use for anyone who struggles with their weight. I know from experience, having gained and lost more weight over the years than I can even count. I have worked with many clients who always feel like they are in a vicious cycle with their weight and might be able to stick to a particular weight-loss diet for a while, but then slip right back into their old habits. Tapping can help with cravings, eating out of boredom, and lack of motivation, but one of the key components of using tapping for weight loss is it gets to the root of why these same old habits keep you from becoming successful – and many, if not most of these habits originate from your past – childhood, teenage or young adult years. In my case there were many past events that I realized through tapping, that had stayed with me and contributed to my struggle with weight.

Melissa’s weight-loss journey

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